Indian Govt Wanted To Ban PUBG | Govt Banned Another 47 Chinese Apps

Indian Govt Wanted To Ban PUBG | Govt Banned Another 47 Chinese Apps

Indian Govt Wanted To Ban PUBG Game

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is easily one of the most popular mobile games played in India but recent reports suggest that popular mobile games can be banned in India. PUBG has its largest user base in India with approximately 175 million downloads.

While news of PUBG’s ban in India has broken the internet. India has now banned 47 Chinese applications that were clones of 59 Chinese applications.This includes Tik Tok Lite and Cam Scanner Advance The order was released on Friday.

As the government decided to block many Chinese programs with the popular PUBG game list and 250 others, the gamer community was sweating.

This decision was made for security reasons and people have been praying that it is not true. The game, Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), has become addictive for many in India and is being played at a professional level. Now that there is a threat to the app being banned, gamers are being forced to find a replacement for India instead of India and it has not been easy.

Anuj Aggarwal, a cybersecurity expert, said, “Most Chinese applications do the same thing around the world. They are accused of stealing this information and sharing it with the communist government and their military. They have been denied almost all such Chinese operations after tightening the border between the Indian and Chinese military.

PUBG Has It’s Largest Staff Base In India

Those government officials who download such games, may lose their confidentiality to Chinese government. “PUBG has its largest staff base in India with around 175 million downloads. While the news that PUBG is banned in India has broken the internet, hardware retailers have come up with very interesting themes and jokes.

One Twitter user said, “When pubg was the only thing that kept you happy during Lockdown and now the Government is planning to prevent that too – mai bhool gya tha mere pass sivaye buri kismat ke kuch bhi nhi hai.” Many others said that Indian parents would be very happy about this.

The development comes amid a tense political situation between the two countries, as India tightens the rules for Chinese companies to invest in India.

Last week, India amended the General Finance Regulations, 2017, making it difficult for Chinese companies to become part of India’s public purchases.

The order stated, “Any promoter from the countries sharing the Indian border with India will be eligible to bid on any purchase whether it is goods, services (including consultation services and non-consulting services) or services (including turnkey projects) only if the business striker is registered with the competition authorities”.





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