Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep | How To Get Better Sleep Faster

Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep | How To Get Better Sleep Faster

Importance Of Sleep

In this article we will talk about the Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep and importance of sleep, sleep is a largely neglected area of health sleep is vital not only for restoring your energy it is also involved in learning creating new memories and clearing out the toxins.

That build up in your brain during the day it plays a crucial role in numerous bodily processes including metabolism, immune function and more.

Your body contains an array of body clocks that regulate everything from metabolism to psychological functioning when you upset your psychearian rhythm by not getting enough sleep the results cascade through your system raising blood pressure, disregulating hunger, hormones, blood sugar, increasing the expression of genes associated with inflammation, immunity, diabetes, cancer risk, stress and much more.

While the master clock in your brain synchronizes your bodily functions to match the 24-hour light and dark cycle each and every organ indeed each cell has its own biological clock.

The health problems linked to insufficient sleep are many like reduced ability to perform tasks increased risk of type 2 diabetes decreased immune function increased risk of obesity increased risk of high BP heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases also impaired regulation of emotions and premature aging here are some Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep.

Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep | How To Get Better Sleep Faster
How To Get Better Sleep

1.Avoid Eating At Least 3 Hours Before Bed Time

Particularly grains and sugars this will raise your blood sugar delay sleep and sometimes increase your risk of acid reflux later when blood sugar drops too low you may wake up and be unable to fall asleep again.

2.Minimize Use Of Electronics

Minimize use of electronics both during the day and in the evening electronic screens are major sleep thieves robbing you of the ability to fall asleep quickly research has shown that more time you spend on electronic devices during the day and especially at night the longer it takes to fall asleep and the less sleep you get overall.

3.Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly exercising for at least 30 minutes per day can improve your sleep however don’t exercise too close to bedtime or it may keep you awake studies show exercising is in the morning is the best if you can manage it.

4.Sleep Habits

Sleep habits even the tiniest bit of light can disrupt your pineal glands production of melatonin and serotonin thereby disrupting your sleep cycle so close your bedroom door get rid of night lights and use thick drapes or you can use a well-fitting eye mask.

Opt for a temperature between 60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit a slightly chilly temperature helps decrease your body internal temperature initiating sleepiness and ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the night.

5. Develop Bed Time Rituals

Develop bedtime rich having a return that you perform every night before bed will help you destress from the day mentally and physically bless your body will learn to respond to the physical cues that indicate it’s time to sleep start by reducing your stress levels unwinding and creating night routine that soothing and sets the tone for a night of restful sleep whether it is slight stretching reading by a dim lamp meditation a warm bath or sipping on some herbal tea can restore a healthy sleep rhythm.

6.Boost Your Melatonin

Melatonin is a completely natural substance made by your body and has many health benefits in addition to sleep melatonin is one of the major keys to a natural healthy sleep cycle.

Ideally it is best to increase levels naturally with exposure to bright sunlight in the daytime and to the nighttime in the scientific studies melatonin has been shown to increase sleepiness help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep decrease restlessness and reverse daytime fatigue.

7.Use A Sleep Tracker

use a sleep tracker many fitness trackers now include sleep tracking software that can be quite useful allowing you to evaluate the effects of different strategies for example did that afternoon coffee disrupt your sleep did morning exercise make it better.

But evening excise made it worse how long it’s going to actually take you to fall asleep and how much earlier you must go to bed to get a full 8 hour sleep all this can be tracked so making lifestyle and behavioral changes can have a huge impact and does not require you to take a medication first sleep.

3 Important Factors For Restorative Sleep


Sleep requirements are highly individual and can change from one day to the next depending on factors like stress physical exertion illness and pregnancy but on average most people need about eight hours of sleep per night.

2. Timing

Meaning the habit of going to bed at approximately same time each night when you go to bed and wake up at the same time your body becomes accustomed to this routine this helps regulate your psyche and clock.

So that you fall asleep and stay asleep all night keep this routine even the weekends because even if the duration of the sleep is the same when the timing of your sleep is shifted it is not going to be as restorative.


This has to do with the different stages your brain and body go through over the course of the night the sequence of them and how those stages are linked some medications will suck to suppress certain phases of sleep and certain conditions like sleep apnea will lead to fragmented sleep with these conditions even if you’re sleeping for an adequate duration and have consistent timing your sleep will not be restorative.




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