What Is Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment
Is anything that has an immovable and immutable nature; Any permanent that cannot be moved from one place to another, for example examples are roads, annexes to buildings, fences, and houses.the property is defined as everything that represents a stable and stable asset in its location, which leads to its inability to move from one location to another without being damaged.real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, monitoring and / or sale of real estate profits. real estate development as part of a real estate investment plan is considered a unique investment in real estate investment.

How To Buy Real Estate

Real estate investing provides general income but increases the capital available through leverage. In addition, many associated expenses are tax deductible, and any loss can offset gains in other investments.many people are interested in buying real estate, either for use in housing or work; Therefore, laws in all countries guarantee the right to own real estate to individuals, but for an individual to buy and own his real estate, he must abide by several tips, which are:
Visiting the real estate site and verifying its suitability and suitability for use in housing, work or the specific purpose of purchasing it. obtain a copy of the property ownership contract in the event that it is the property of another person in order to ensure that the previous owner did not use it in any form of transfer of ownership, or if there are rights arising from it.
Ensure that the area, specifications, and information in the ownership contract match the shape and construction of the property in reality. verify the eligibility of the seller or responsible for selling the property; In terms of having the right to implement the sale. take care to ensure that there is no owner or other buyer of the property. verify that the property is free of rights resulting from the mortgage, lease, or any other rights

History of Housing and Real Estate

Habitation for a person is essential in his life. where it forms the shelter in which he lives, and provides him with protection from natural external factors, and uses it for sleep and eating, and other activities. dwellings have witnessed many developments and shapes throughout the stages of human life. Where man lived in the ancient stone age with a group of oval-shaped huts, and then he was keen to improve and develop caves, and used them to store his food, but during the intermediate and modern stone age man became engaged in agriculture; resulting in houses made of trees.
In the modern era known as the civil era, the first human civilizations appeared in the fourth millennium BC, and with the advent of the scientific revolution, real estate and urbanization witnessed developments that led to the emergence of new and various types of them: public buildings, factories, and other types of real estate, and later became civilized housing in cities are among the most widespread forms of housing, and are examples
Houses and bungalows: It contains a group of floors, and each floor contains more than one apartment, surrounded by a group of areas that separate it from the buildings near it.housing and related real estate: Real estate that connects with each other and separates them from other buildings, a group of roads, and these housing have more than one entrance.housing and constellations: Real estate that spread in the major cities, and relied on the establishment of housing whose height constitutes approximately eight or twelve floors, and the height may exceed this height, and this type of real estate is known as the skyscrapers.
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