One Plus 8 Pro Features | Know Everything About One Plus 8 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro Features | Know About Everything One Plus 8 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro Features

It’s time to talk about one plus 8 pro features and one plus 8 pro price,one plus 8 pro has all the main flagship features that destroys the galaxy s 20 plus and also the iPhone 11 Pro max it’s crazy to see  so many new features and so many important changes in one plus 8 pro let’s talk about one plus 8 pro features.

1.Display Quality

The One plus 8 Pro comes with an amazing record-breaking Samsung’s panel which is the best according to display mate this display is better than the galaxy s 20 ultra and has more bright screen one plus 8 pro has done so many changes.

Like added HDR ten plus support 4096 kinds of auto brightness level thirteen hundred nights of brightness and what not a display it is very nice at six point seven eight inches this quad HD monster sports the highest color accuracy ever on a one plus phone it’s super crisp and clean it’s very bright and the colors pop the edges are curved it’s just pure eye candy.

2.Smooth Experience

Smoothest experience ever one plus is using 120 Hertz quad HD plus panel along with em EMC that’s motion estimation motion compensation even Samsung has not done 120 here it’s at 1440p but one plus is giving you all the options including 1440p 1080p 90 heard option along with default 60 Hertz and 120 Hertz.

3.Motion Estimation

EMC motion estimation motion compensation is add frames to your video and convert 24 fps to 120 fps which is amazing and since such amazing feature inside a smart phone just imagine watching at 24 frames per second movie to the highest 120 fps such fluid disciplines such fluid performance you’re gonna notice also it’s gonna support 12 application most of them you use daily.

4.Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the feature most of waiting for is finally here wireless charging with one plus own wireless charging stand the one plus 8 Pro supports 30 watts a fast charging which is crazy 50 percent power in 30 minutes and 100% in 80 minutes there’s also reverse wireless charging which is an emergency feature to charge other devices wire smart.

5.Dust And Water Proof

ip68 certification means water proof this is something all flagship phones should come with cause it’s an emergency feature XE general water splash Raymond swimming with your device is not break your phone at all new addition is an official ip68 dust and water resistance rating now one plus phones have had general everyday water resistance for a while but it’s never been made official on this level until now this is also a great addition.

 One Plus 8 Pro Features | Know About Everything One Plus 8 Pro
One Plus 8 Pro

6.Brand New Custom Sony Sensor

One plus 8 pro comes to dynamic 6 8 9 which is made by Sony came with Oppo find x2 Pro and now one plus using it the sensor also has only directional PDF which is help in focusing in low lighting condition which works impressively one plus also shared some camera samples and they look super impressive.

There’s also a amazing stabilization in their secondary shoot as if we mix 5 8 6 wide-angle so you will get amazing clarity and then we have a telephoto and five megapixel color filter which is will help in maintaining color accuracy and avoid under and all saturated shots there’s also audio zoom feature for video recording so that’s something impressive.

7. 5G Support

5g this time one plus is going with all 5G one plus series there is no LT variant like what Samsung made with the XZ nose s 20 and s20 plus they know people use their devices for a really long 5G is something that you won’t regret in the future.

8.Multiple Colors

New color options we have glacier green which is the best in the 8 Pro there’s also ultramarine blue and onyx black the one plus 8 pro gets beautiful interstellar glow green and onyx black this gradient finish in all the exclusive color options so they look pretty unique and attractive we also have some exciting limited edition cases which looks super great.

9.Beast Performance

So one glass is adding the latest flagship CPU that’s 8 6 5 5 G silicon along with latest LP radial 5 fram this is something Samsung should have done they’ve also done some exclusive changes in the software Department for crazy fast experience and also enhance user interface for 120 Hertz smoothness.

10.One Plus 8 Pro Charging Stand

Now the point of this is since the 30 watt charging is pretty stink in fast it’s going to generate some heat so to combat that the charger has a fan built into it but let’s say the charger is on a bedside table that fan just might bother some users so with bedtime mode this will reduce the speed of the charging which in turn reduces the fan noise on the charger oxygen OS has a lot of thought and attention to detail behind it making it one of the phone’s greatest features.


  • 54,999 For 8 Gb ram+ 128 Gb Storage
  • 59,999 12 Gb ram + 25Gb Storage

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