Microsoft Decides To “Replace Journalists With Robots”

About Microsoft
Microsoft is an American computer technology company whose history began on April 4, 1975. Created by Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen, Harvard College Dropout, Microsoft is now the world’s largest software company.Microsoft is involved in the development, licensing and support of products and software settings that meet various needs.
In 2000, Steve Ballmer was appointed chief executive of Microsoft. Bill Gates met Steve Ballmer at Harvard University before leaving. Despite some concerns about Ballmer’s power, Microsoft has retained its top spot in the market and in the personal computer market. Microsoft’s main strengths and many of its benefits are derived from the business side. However, as technology advances, the company acknowledges that they have a significant presence in consumer markets.

Microsoft Decides To Replace Journalists With Robots

Microsoft announced that it intends to replace dozens of contracted journalists with its “MSN” site, with automated systems that select stories and news reports.Currently, journalists are responsible for overseeing the collection of press stories from media organizations, and selecting titles and accompanying pictures for posting on the MSN website.
And sources from the company told the “Seattle Times” newspaper that the artificial intelligence will take over these tasks, and that it made that decision in the framework of its periodic assessment of its profits.
A statement issued by the American IT giant said Like all companies, we periodically re-evaluate our business. This may lead to increased investment in some sectors, and from time to time, it may lead to a redistribution of the workforce in other sectors.The statement added These new decisions are not the result of the current pandemic of the current virus outbreak of Corona.
Like a number of other technology companies, Microsoft pays media organizations a financial compensation for re-publishing their content on the MSN website. But it employs journalists to choose stories for publication, and how to present them.
In light of the new decision, about fifty news producers will lose their jobs at the end of next June, but a team of full-time journalists will remain at the company.
One of the journalists who will lose their job told the Seattle Times: “It is disappointing to think that machines will replace us, but here we are”.About 27 people employed by PA Media – formerly of the Press Association – were told on Thursday that they would lose their jobs within a month after Microsoft decided to stop hiring people to select, edit and publish news articles on its domestic affairs.
Some expelled journalists have warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully aware of strict editorial standards, and may end up publishing inappropriate news or reports.

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