Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Latest Gadgets And Invention

In today’s Article we are showing you latest gadgets and invention this will takes things a step further while modern tech trends can be quite impressive some products are truly in this article we will take a look at nine latest gadgets and inventions of 2020 that you can buy now before.

In a time when face masks are becoming increasingly popular we have all likely been searching for an easier alternative to the classic masks.

That can be hot humid and uncomfortable to wear CLIU solves all of these problems for just 33 US dollars this is a face mask that has a clear filter media that can be easily seen.

Through it’s also easier to talk through these masks and it will never fog when you breathe CLIU offers a new UV based disinfectant system that can protect you from harmful bacteria and germs.

That may get you sick it can be recharged at the end of the day and the device disinfects itself like it charges the purpose behind this device is to solve the issue.

Disposable masks by creating a mask that can electronically disinfect itself and keep the user safe there is a pro model of CLIU that offers Bluetooth functionality.

Through this you can speak to your electronic devices with ease this mask is remarkably simple just put it on your face that’s it when you’re done using it place it on the charger and it will be ready to go in about 1 hour.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020
CLIU Face Mask

Blazepod is an incredibly interesting device that helps you train at home rather than worry with going to a gym for exercise.

The blazepods come with a phone app that can be used to teach the user many different training exercises many of these workouts will work your entire body rather than small portions of it.

All you need to do is choose a workout from the app then arrange the blazepods in the order that the app instructs you to after that start your workout.

The app helps train your reflexes while working your entire body these are various activities to choose from and each of them offers benefits over another you could choose workouts.

That work best for you your body and your lifestyle without having to worry with expensive gym memberships ablaze pod kit costs just $399 from the company website and comes with six pods six straps six suction cups and a charging base.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Coro hook is a device that was created specifically to help fight infection from Covid-19 while this is not a medical device and should not be used.

As such it may help in defending you from the virus by keeping her hands far away from any electronics door handles or keypads you may need to touch still you should practice.

All the guidelines that have been implemented by the CDC and who and continue to wash and sanitize as often as possible this product was just launched on Kick starter and is a multi-tool device that can help keep you from touching potentially infected surfaces.

Throughout your day it is made with an antimicrobial plastic so it is resistant to many different types of infections bacteria and viruses the core hook can help you turn on lights witches flush toilets open doors check your phone or hold your keys.

The possibilities are endless this is a truly all-in-one solution to having to touch everyday items in public the price of this unit is estimated to be around eleven dollars and it can be ordered now on Kick starter.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Drones becoming increasingly popular it seems like companies are coming out of the woodwork to create their own variation.

Are these popular remote-controlled aircrafts GDU O2 Drone is a new drone that offers a built-in 4k camera with a state-of-the-art vision positioning system.

It offers a three access video stabilization feature as well so that you can capture stunningly sharp and stable footage with ease it can record up to one kilometer away and transfer the video feed to a variety of storage devices.

What’s unique about this drone is that it also features obstacle avoidance technology so that you never have to worry about crashing into larger objects.

The GDU O2 Drone mini app helps you perform very smart stunts and functions you can even fly the drone around without needing to use.

The wireless remote the app also has built-in editing and sharing software so that you can share your videos fast and easily with friends and followers this is one of the best all-in-one drones we have seen in awhile.

Though it comes with a hefty price tag for $499 this drone is certainly not for everyone though it’s a great drone for price and you would be hard-pressed to find a better drone than this without spending several thousand dollars.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Space 3D is a very ambitious product that claims to be the most affordable 10 inch printer on the market it offers a super-high resolution of 2560 by 1600.

And has a 140 watt LED matrix it could print up to two times faster than comparable printers reaching speeds of about 40 millimeters per hour the built-in LCD touch screen makes this device extremely user friendly printings.

A breeze with the simple user controls and wide capability this product aims to bring the precision of SLA printing into your home at a price that actually makes sense this printer has been featured on various websites and news blogs over the last few months and it is making waves in the tech industry.

It is available now on Kick starter for about five hundred and ninety nine dollars for a base model many different versions of the printer are available so check out the Kick starter page for more details.

This printer breaks plug and play to a whole new level the company couldn’t have made things easier plug the printer to your computer open up your favorite 3d modeling and printing program and begin printing your 3d creations.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Chiller is a brand new technology that has just recently made its way onto the market it is currently in the prototype phase and the company is raising funds on IndieGo to help fuel their idea.

Product model this is a device that uses induction cooling to keep your beverages ice-cold on a warm summer’s day the thermometric high power refrigerator is packed into a small coaster.

That can be used with various drink containers all you need to do is plug the coaster in and turn on the chiller and your drinks will be cold in no time.

The company hasn’t mentioned how long it may take to cool a drink but they guarantee that the device is incredibly quiet it will not interfere with your daily activities.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

iRobot is a company we have all likely heard of they specialize in creating vacuums that require no assistance from a human in order to operate these cleaners simply need to be turned on then they will make a map of your room and clean it accordingly.

Though the company has begun to branch out into new territory and have launched the iRobot Mirra 530 this is a device that can clean the bottom of your pool.

So that you don’t have to worry with messy cleanups or paying an expensive company to clean your pool every few weeks the device works exactly.

The same way as their vacuum line up simply place the device in the bottom of your pool and let the robot do all of the hard work it will scoot around across.

The bottom of your pool picking up any leaves or particles that may have been left behind these cleaners are currently hard to come by on the market but they are estimated to sell for about 600 $.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Wall Jax is a new device that is currently looking for backers on IndieGo this is a very simple device that can recharge your phone through a built-in wall adapter.

That attaches to your outlet the device offers a tray that can be used to charge various devices wirelessly the projected price for the wall jax is about 49 US dollars but it is not yet available for purchase.

We hope to hear more from this company in the near future about this product because it is super easy to use just place your device on top and let the outlet do the rest of the work.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 2020

Block Rolly light pad block is an interesting music device that allows you to interface with various apps and programs to create music using your fingers the pad is pressure-sensitive and displays various light patterns.

So that you can easily understand how your movements and gestures affect the music this device is designed to be used with many different music creation programs and helps users feel the music at their fingertips.

While creating beats for remix and songs it’s super easy to use just hook it up to your phone or computer and begin tapping pressing or gesturing to create a song the Rolly light pad block is available now on Amazon for $64.99.

Latest Gadgets And Invention | Top 9 Technologies Of The Year 202

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