Ipad ios 13 Features | Apple launch Ipad ios 13

Ipad ios 13 Features | Apple launch Ipad ios 13

Ipad ios 13

Ipad ios 13 Features

In this article we are going to discuss Ipad ios 13 Features,Ipad ios 13 compatibility, ios 13 update, the new iPad OS let’s get it started iOS 13 was a major update to all the iOS uses and it came with a ton of new features and most importantly the iPad uses had a different version of the OS as an update.

Now we have a dedicated operating system for the iPad air 2 and above it’s called the iPad OS the scale of changes in the iPad OS seems to signify a new beginning with a bunch of new features so here are the top Ipad ios 13 Features and changes on the iPad.

1.Dark Mode

Ipad ios 13 Features number one is dark mode as we all know about the dark mode that comes with the iOS 13 on the iPhones and on the iPad OS you can turn this on from the display settings or from the control center Ideally enjoyed using this mode as it really helps when using the iPad in low-light conditions.

You can also set the dark mode of manually or you can set it automatically so what this does is when it’s daytime it’s bright when it’s night it’s dark mode it works across all the system apps seamlessly even wide range of third-party apps that are being updated for the dark mode

2.Extended Display

One of the most important Ipad ios 13 Features is the extended display now I would probably not say it’s a standalone feature of the iOS 13 because you also need Mac OS Catalina for this to work seamlessly.

So what you can do with extended display is you can use your iPad as a wireless or wired display for your Mac if you have the latest Mac OS Catalina update this sidecar feature has endless possibilities first being the secondary display and second you can use your iPad as a drawing tablet for your Mac now number

3.Control Center

On the control center you can now press and hold the toggles of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to quickly bring up the list of available networks or pair devices it makes it really easy to switch between the networks and change connected wireless devices now I do know that Apple is really late on this feature but better late than never

4.Landscape Mode

This Ipad ios 13 Features is known as this is the first change you will notice after the update when in landscape mode you have your today’s page on the side of your front page you can pin your favorite widgets to get a glance at your updates from different apps battery status and music controls and shortcuts number

Ipad ios 13 Features | Apple launch Ipad ios 13
IPad IOS 13


5.Resize Your keyboard

Resize your keyboard now you can resize your keyboard according to your preference you can simply pinch in the keyboard and resize it the way you want also this can be positioned any way in the screen and is really handy.

6.Updated version

It’s not a new feature but it’s an update to an old app and it’s gotten really handy the files app from the outside the files app may look the same but now has a tons of new features first and foremost the most important is that you can now plug in an external device and storage is to access from them you can also connect to the shared server and gain access to all the files shared at your server but more you can also zip and unzip files from within the files and you get a detailed metadata of your file like on the Mac OS.

7.Photos Editing Tool

We have a completely revamped Photos app with amazing editing tools the new Photos app on the iPad OS and the new iOS has some great tools to edit photos you get a detailed controls on editing various settings on the site as such as brightness brilliance exposure and so on and to adjust any of these options you can move the lines of the bars just below each button to the left or right.

The same goes with filters as well similarly you can now also edit videos it’s no longer just trimming and basic adjustments now you can adjust everything like on photos like brightness exposure and also apply a filter to your video and also cropping and changing perspective as well with good video editing tools that now included on your Photos app you are no longer forced to find a more complicated video editing app.

8.PlayStation 4 and Xbox controller

PlayStation 4 and Xbox controller pairing another great new feature is the ps 4 and Xbox one controller support now Apple has got a really bad history on gaming but this integration certainly makes gaming on a bigger iPad really fun especially with that 120 Hertz display on the iPad pro I played the asphalt 9 and it was just like that on the console lag free and responsive I really can’t wait until further games are supported for the controllers as well as Apple arcade.

9.External keyboard And Mouse Support

external keyboard and mouse support now this one’s really short you can connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to iPad and have multitasking enhancements Safari tab multitasking there are tons of new multitasking features on the iPad OS you can now split view the same app across both halves of the screen like two tab sin Safari notes and so on there are endless things you can do with these new features.

You can also multitask on split view and move the apps anywhere on the screen play multiple videos on YouTube and so much more now next up we bought scrolls screenshots I know I know this feature was there on the Samsung devices already but this too is a worthy feature to say as now you can take full-page screenshots of the websites emails.

And  soon as you take a screenshot a full-page option will show up if the content has scroll able contents then if you tap on it you get the whole pages as a screenshot that can be saved as a PDF now next up we have Safari improvement seven Safari now comes with new features now the web pages are in full desktop versions are like mobile versions of the web pages like before and like the desktop version of the website you can also download contents from the web pages which can be accessed on the download section of the files app.


Shortcuts after the update you may have come across the app called shortcuts now this is a great way to add automation on your favorite tasks get suggested shortcuts for your favorite apps and many more like you can set multiple alarms and trigger it by saying a simple command have the series start of video recording and many many more it even supports third-party apps and once you get used to using this feature you can add many shortcuts with multiple commands.

Now next up another awesome feature sharing your audio now you can share your audio output on multiple airports or output devices with the Apple w1 chip just tap on the output icon on the music app on the control center and tap on a share audio now the list of supported devices will show up here and you can select devices to output the audio.

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