How To Regrow Hair | 10 Remedy To Fight Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

How To Regrow Hair | 10 Remedy To Fight Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

How To Regrow Hair

have you seen a bunch of strands of hair in your pillow or bathroom recently when you have begun to realize that you are loosing your hair then first question comes in your mind that how to regrow hair.

An average adult with a hundred and fifty thousand hairs and their loss up to a hundred times a day without knowing that this problem affect your physical health as well as your mental health.

Hair loss can be a serious problem and ignore the fact that you may be a victim of hair loss for a number of reasons.

Such as stress,hereditary, medical conditions and unhealthy hair products that do not match your hair type Let’s talk about ten tips for reclaiming your hair naturally.

1.Onion Juice

Onion juice may seem strange, but using onion juice is a surefire way to accelerate hair growth and stimulate hair growth through a rich diet and refresh your hair.

In recent studies that have shown that peeling onion on the scalp can help grow antibacterial hair and anti fungal onion surfaces Help prevent and treat scalp diseases.

Healthy skin means that thinning onion hair is very easy to do by mixing two onions and slicing the juice with gauze.

Make sure there is no onion massage for good onion juice in a circular motion, leave it for an hour and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo to get rid of this smelling smell, and try it once a week to achieve good results.

2.Reducing Stress

Reducing stress pulls large amounts of hair follicles on the resting surface for several months.

Affected hair may suddenly fall out by simply adding or washing too much pressure.

Which can cause the immune system to attack the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss that you can reduce to think about deep breathing and exercise while you are in the process .

The pressure that causes agents in your lifestyle process is the same as with hair loss.

3.Coconut Milk

The coconut milk you have heard about coconut oil is good for hair but coconut oil is better and contains vitamins such as niacin and folate that boost blood flow to your head.

Coconut oil, it is present also vitamins E and fat that help to keep your hair healthy while letting your hair down.

Take the coconut milk and cool it until you start to warm it by hiding the moisture in your head for 15 minute a time to cover your skin without using your hair from the roots to the ends and leave for 45 minutes then wash it with regular mild shampoo you can do this once a week.


Eggs probably smell bad, but the eggs can work wonders for your hair regrowth, as they are full of mineral proteins and vitamin B, which help reduce hair loss and strengthen the roots, and also contribute to the growth of new hair.

Which increase the volume and strength of your hair and you don’t need to crack the egg over your head this way, wrap a few eggs with olive oil in a ball until the white and yolk come together.

Whipping the egg in your hair using a brush to make sure your hair is completely covered with the mixture, leaving about 20 minutes and then wash your hair with cool water.

5.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many benefits for your skin and body, but you may not know that aloe vera also contributes to hair growth, and preventing hair loss.

It contains natural proteolytic enzymes that promote hair growth due to its anti fungal form, which helps against dandruff and prevents hair loss.

It can also make it much easier if you just cut open the leaf and get rid of the sticky gel and applies this gel directly to the skin, and then let the hair wait about an hour and then clean it, apply 2 times 3 times a week to get better results.

How To Regrow Hair | 10 Remedy To Fight Hair Loss And Regrow Hair
How To Regrow Hair


Amla Indian Gooseberry or Amla is an Indian tree that is known to contain many essential fatty acids that help strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair breakage.

Amla also contains powerful antioxidants that improve blood circulation around the hair follicle. you can use amla oil and amla powder on your hair.

You can find amla oil on the Internet, make sure you use 100% grace to just warm the oil and apply it to your hair twice a week.

7.Hair Massage

Hair massage is a non-invasive but effective way to resume hair growth, so do a good hair massage, any movement on the head is good, because it helps stimulate this increase in blood circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Which contribute to the growth of healthy hair. Studies show that using a scarf massage for four minutes once a day for several weeks, the development of the hair cycle was significantly increased.

If you had beautiful soft hair and you did it very carefully, as if you were treating a hair thinner, if you never did a hair massage or are afraid that you can break a lot of hair.

Then you can do massage with two fingers or use massage brush your hair, and it should be good enough that you can also use various oils, such as coconut almonds and sesame, in massage.

8.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a time-tested solution for all hair and skin problems. It is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C and B antioxidants, as well as citrus folic acid.

A natural hair growth product is known to stimulate blood circulation in the skin.

Take one teaspoon of lemon and two tablespoons of coconut or olive oil and evenly apply this mixture to the scalp, wait one hour, and then wash your hair with mild shampoo, repeating this once a week to accelerate hair growth.

9.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many uses apple cider vinegar also has the advantage of hair growth.

It has properties that helps in prevent bacteria and maintain a balanced pH level to stimulate hair growth, gently exfoliating the scalp and easy to apply, wash hair well with shampoo and mix apple cider vinegar and water.

After washing your hair, use a cup of this Seabee solution, as the last rinse is used every time you wash your hair and see that the magic is invisible.


Garlic is good for cooking but It can also be used to improve hair growth In a time when people spend a lot of extra money on hair and hair treatment.

This natural ingredient has become a natural hair growth supplement.

Garlic as a hair care ingredient not only promotes hair growth but also stimulates hair regrowth Garlic has high content of minerals such as calcium, zinc, and sulfur.

These minerals promote healthy hair. Raw garlic is highly enriched with vitamins C promotes healthy hair Vitamin C in garlic protects your hair from free radicals and prevents hair loss.

In the research garlic gel on the bald spots on the scales improve the appearance of their hair if you want to avoid complex recipes without every thousand cuts just a clove of garlic twice and rub it directly on the skin.

This non-controversial method is the easiest way here and it only takes a minute to remember that green garlic can be it has a burning effect and excessive use can lead to skin sensitivities and irritation.

first apply in your skin patch to check the itching, it is always good to watch out for your hair ends unless you intend to try one of these tips.




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