Facts About Meghalaya | The Wettest Place On Earth

Facts About Meghalaya | The wettest place on Earth


Inthis article we are going to discuss facts about Meghalaya, Meghalaya capital and Meghalaya tourism if you like geography or history this place is for you. Meghalaya is a mountainous country in north eastern India The name means “cloud shelter” in

Sanskrit The population of Meghalaya since 2016 is estimated at 3,211,474. Meghalaya covers an area of ​​22,430 square kilometers, with a length of approximately 3: 1 and Conard Sangma is the cm of meghalaya. below are some facts about meghalaya.

Facts About Meghalaya

1.Meghalaya which literally means the abode of God is one of the smallest states in India both by population and area it’s roughly as big as Belize and has a population of around 3 million people nestled up in the remotest regions of India the Northeast Macaulay is for the most part still unexplored untouched and can feel like traveling in a foreign land even for an Indian traveler.

2.you may think Meghalaya is a small insignificant part of the world but you’d be wrong because you see Meghalaya could be at least partially the place from which rice was born to be precise one of the competing theories for the origin of rice states.

That India is at the center of the greatest diversity of domesticated rice with over 20,000 identified species north east India is considered to be the most favorable single area of the origin of rice as we know it today more specifically the area that is today Meghalaya.

3.Shillong is the capital city of meghalaya it’s also considered to be a hill station meaning it’s a town located above the surrounding valleys where colonial officials used to go to escape from the summer heat.

The rolling hills around the town reminded these Euro pinsetters of Scotland and they would also refer to it as the Scotland of the east srilanka used to be the capital city of the state of Assam but when in 1972 it was split up and Meghalaya was created Shillong became the capital of the state while Assam moved its capital to this.

4.one of the striking facts about meghalaya is that most of the land in the state is owned by the local tribal communities and not the government this land has been preserved by the communities with some of it being conserved a centuries-old forest in fact some of the villages in meghalaya boast a forest as old as eight hundred years or more.

This has helped foster the Eco equilibrium of the state while cultivating a sense of respecting the nature ahead of human development by the way most of these ancient forests are considered to be sacred and from most of them removing even a leaf out of them is forbidden.

5.Meghalaya might be an Indian state but it sets itself apart from the rest of the country in several ways for one seventy five percent of the people are Christian believers while Hinduism Islam and Buddhism account for only 16 percent of the population.

Also nearly 9 percent of Meghalaya don’t adhere to any of the mainstream religions and instead practice their own ancient tribal religions the second interesting fact is that in Meghalaya English is the official language there are of course a myriad of other local languages.

But just so you know Hindi is spoken by less than 2% of the people and all of these languages are taught only as optional languages in schools and thirdly Meghalaya is one of the very few places on earth that follow the metro lineal system where lineage and inheritance are traced through women not men.

Facts About Meghalaya | The wettest place on Earth

6. ever heard of a village called Mawsynram I guess not well this tiny village in Meghalaya holds the record for receiving the highest rain falls unearth their average annual rainfall stands at about eleven thousand nine hundred millimeters.

There are of course other places on earth that dispute this claim but just bear in mind that the Guinness Book of World Records states that in 1985 Mawsynram received twenty six thousand milliliters or one thousand inches of rainfall.

And just to be sure just fifteen kilometers from the village lies the town of Terrapin G the second what is place on earth the situation is so extreme here that the people use grass for the roofing of their huts just to soundproof them from the deafening sound of raindrops.

7.one of the most beautiful places in Meghalaya and possibly in the world is the Nohkalikai Falls this is the tallest plunge waterfall in India dropping from a height of 340 meters it too is located near Tara bungee and Mawsynram below the Falls.

A plunge pool with unusual green colored water has formed and the entire thing is surrounded by pristine forests so you can imagine just how beautiful this place can be not so beautiful is the legend that surrounds the Falls.

In fact it’s terrifying according to local stories a woman called Kalikai used to live upstream the Falls she had a daughter but her husband died so she had to work all day long to raise her child her work required her to leave her daughter unattended for long intervals but when she would be at home she would spend most of her time taking care of her child when she married the second time.

She couldn’t pay attention to her husband due to her work he was madly jealous and killed the little girl then cooked her meat and threw away the head and bone she gave kalikai to eat from this terrifying meal but when she discovered what had happened she went mad and runoff the edge of the plateau thus the place came to be known as Nohkalikai

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