Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

If you are planning to visit in sri lanka may be some questions comes in your mind like what are the best places to visit in sri lanka, travel guide of sri lanka, luxury resorts in sri lanka and much more.

So we are going to discuss these all things Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island state in South Asia, located on the west coast of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian Sea.

It is subdivided into the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. Sri Lanka is the country in the world that offers a stunning combination of alluring landscapes countless pristine beaches.

Captivating cultural heritage and numerous national parks no wonder it is one of the top tourist destination amongst travelers from all around.Below are the some places and things you should try in sri lanka.

1.Sigiriya Fortress

Climbed to the sigiriya fortress this is one of the prime tourist attractions of Sri Lanka during the peak season thousands of tourists make it to the top of the sigiriya fortress.

It is located between the towns of  bula and havana this ancient palace and fortress complex stands on a massive rocky plateau 370 meters above sea level the term sigiriya originates from the word see hari which means lion rock.

it is believed the fortress was designed in the form of a huge stone lion whose feet have survived after today to reach the top and has to pass through the boulder gardens and ancient bathing pools.

Followed by climbing twelve hundred steps the views of the top of the rock are truly mesmerizing making the hike really worth it this place as one of the eight wonders of the world.

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
Sigiriya Fortress

2.Pidurangala Rock

Climb the pidurangala a rock slightly lower than sigiriya with Wrangler is adjacent to sigiriya rock and is unarguably the best viewing point of sigiriya rock it’s a 30-minute hike to the top the last two meter high towards the peak is challenging.

Which makes the height thrilling and a lot more exciting once you are at the top you will be amazed with the mesmerizing views of the surrounding sigiriya town with a dramatic sigiriya rock dominating the skyline you are into hiking or rock climbing then you should not miss it.

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
Pidurangal Rock

3.Dambulla Cave

Dambulla cave also known as the golden temple of dambulla the dambulla cave temple is a unesco world heritage site the complex has a total five caves under vast 150 meter high overhanging rock.

Inside these caves are paintings and statues related to Gotham a Buddha and his life the ceilings are further painted with intricate patterns of religious images there are a total of 153 Buddha statues three statues Sri Lankan kings and four statues of gods and goddesses.

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
Dambulla Cave

4.Sri Lanka’s Beaches

Sri Lanka’s beach is one of the most amazing sri Lankan experiences is to spend some time lazing on an italic tranquil beach sri Lanka coastline is fringed with numerous golden beaches situated on the west coast.

The gumbo is known for its long sandy beaches and centuries-old fishing industry it is a great stop over point to acclimatize to the Sri Lankan culture a witness Nagumo vibrant nightlife with music drinks and delicious food.

If you are looking for a beach close to the airport that the Goma beach is the best choice situated on sri Lankan southwest coast enjoy the beautiful pristine beach of Mendota the beach offers several water sports for adventure lovers.

You can surf or simply take a gentle stroll along the beach and enjoy the sun rise and sunset you have good chances of coming across locals who release baby sea turtles into the ocean a delightful sight.

 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Beach

5.Explore the town of Ella

Explore the town of ella, ella is a small slow-paced town in the badula district that is regarded mainly for its surrounding nature tea lovers in particular will be left delighted by views of the endless tea fields at Lipton seat where hills seem to roll on forever.

Next travelers can experience a truly iconic moment by walking along the rails of the nine arch bridge likely one of the most famous shots of the country known amongst the traveler community finally consider an early morning hike up to the top of eller Rock via little dam’s peak the views will be rewarding.

 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Ella Town

6.Train Ride

Ride the train from Nuwaraeliya sri lanka may not be known for its robust a public transit system but there’s no denying that a train ride through this country makes for an unforgettable experience dubbed as the best journey of the world ride the train from nuwara eliya to Eller to enjoy rolling green hills with colorful sari dressed.

Tea pickers standing out amongst the greenery the blue skies are the perfect contrast to the never-ending tea plantations waterfalls lakes and local villages that will pass you by hang your head out the window let the warm breeze fill your lungs well as your hunger for something different.

 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Nuwaraeliya Train

7.Sri Lanka wildlife

Sri Lanka wildlife and safari people visit sri lanka from all over the world not only for its stunning beaches and historical cities but also to see the wildlife up close the island nation boasts.

A rich biodiversity making it one of the best places in Asia there are many national parks in sri lanka Yala  Park, Munira National Park with the valley national park singh raja forest reserve short on plains.

And bundle National Park are the most popular and the most visited ones sri lanka safari is all about exploring the untamed side of life in the country dominated by the population of elephants leopards deer boars and flamingos the wild life in Sri Lanka was surprised at every turn during a safari spread across 979 square kilo meter.

Animals In Sri Lanka Wildlife

Syama National Park is a second largest national park in sri lanka the park is home to many different species of birds including peacocks horn bills bee-eaters and other water birds crocodiles are often spotted near the banks along with mongoose white ball and child lizards.

Apart from the birds alligators and lizards Hertz of the fellows sambar deer and spotted deer can often be spotted near the water bodies inside the park there are around ten to fifteen tusk elephants in zone one if you are lucky enough.

You can see these majestic creatures crossing your path the minitor national park is documented as the largest known gathering place of Asian elephants in the world Hertz of elephants numbering around 200 to 700 gather near the lake.

One of The Best Places To See Elephants In The Wild

And the grass fears turned the Tri season to quench the athirst this is certainly one of the best places to see elephants in the wild it will be difficult to hold back.

The excitement witnessing countless elephants at one play one should definitely not miss the Safari while covering the sigiriya region bird lovers may head out to Boone Dalibor sanctuary located 251 kilometers southeast of the capital of Colombo.

The bundle a national park is considered the most important birding destination in sri lanka the path boasts of nearly 200 species of birds of which 150 are endemic and the rest migratory if you are sucker for sea creatures in particular sea turtles.

Then you may just get lucky to hold egg back them the sea turtle hatcheries in Sri Lanka work towards conservation of sea turtles and provide visitors with lots of useful information about the different varieties and their preservation.

The hatcheries collect ensure Turtles caught in fishermen’s nets all washed up on the beach they also collect eggs laid on the beads so they can be stowed and protected from predators and then safely released into the sea you can hold the baby turtle in your hands and later release them into the ocean.

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Wildlife

8.Shopping From Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka shopping experience shopping in sri lanka is nothing less than a delight and anyone who has visited this stunning island nation would surely agree from beautifully crafted jewelry handicrafts and more.

There is a lot to take home at reasonable prices not just this but the popular Markets cities like Colombo and Kandy also sell anything and everything from regular street to high-end products.
Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Market

9.Stay in one Of The Luxury Resorts

Stay in one of the luxury resorts in Sri Lanka a secret gateway to experience extreme luxury with some irresistible Beauty is to stay in one of the luxury resorts in Sri Lank using with luxury and gradual all Brown these resorts offer a perfect getaway from the hub of city life to experience the peace amidst the splendid nature.

Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Luxury Resort

10.Sri Lankan Food

Choice Lankan cuisine Sri Lankan food is unique for their culture seafood plays an important role in Sri Lankan cuisine the central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice served with a curry of fish chicken or mutton along with other curries made with vegetables lentils all fruits foodies will never fall short for options.

 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka | Best things to Do In Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Food



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